Thursday, September 10, 2020


This is a test of the emergency broadcast system

This is to test if all this is still working. 

If this were a real post, I would place something informative, or entertaining in this block of text. 

This was only a test. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

5 years.......really? I'm terrible at this.

Has it really been almost five years?

So much has changed.

My life is completely different now. And it is so much so that I will have to change the description of this site to remove half the stuff I used to talk about.

I'm no longer married. I no longer live in a little house with a little garden. My kids are all off to become their own little adults. I have a tiny apartment in downtown, that I don't even live in right now. I should start there......

I live in Rwanda. Yeah, that one. In east Africa. The one that had that thing a while back. They've grown. It is a wonderful country, safe, clean. It is actually safer in Kigali (the capital) than in Seattle. I landed a contract to be a technician here. A job that quickly morphed into project manager, then program manager, and then back to project manager, now technology manager and general problem solver.... I am MUCH more comfortable where I ended up toward the end of that list. I just don't have the right kind of mindset nor skills to be a Program Manager. I'm a 44yo kid with mild A.D.D.... I bought a Westfalia. Shit, see? I'm losing focus.

Divorce. Rwanda. Apartment. VW van......there's a lot of change in there.

I hope maybe this time.....maybe I will stick to coming back here to post. I think the next post will be to introduce the new description, and share a story or two from the last five years. We gotta get caught up.

Pizza is here (well, the best representation of what most of us would call pizza, anyway).

until next time....(less than 5 years)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's been a while...................

It's amazing how quickly life can become busy. Too busy to post, too busy to read and too crazy to do much else.

Where to start?

After graduating from my business classes, I ended up going straight to work, in the field I was already licensed in and familiar with, while I tried to find my way to, well, somewhere.

I'm not sure whether I am there, that somewhere, but I am further down the path to somewhere.

I started a business about a year ago.....Evolution Ink Tattoo.

I just started a new job, on top of that daunting workload, with a systems integrator in Seattle and that is taking up time as well.

Family. I guess it always comes back to this.

Now that I get paid to sit at a desk for a portion of my week, I will (try to) make my breaks work for my cataloging and reblogging.

Now, to relearn all the things I've forgotten in the last two years.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The bins, bins, bins

The goodwill bins. 'Nuff said.

Ok, maybe a little elaboration is in order. We try to make a trip to the Goodwill bins whenever we are down in Portland (or Vancouver, Wa). If you have not heard of, or never been to the bins, then you are seriously missing out on one of the greatest experiences in thriftiness. We filled an entire shopping cart full, to the point stuff was falling over the sides, to the tune of <$70. We got an REI Half Dome tent (complete w/footprint) and clothes for everyone in the house, our neighbors daughter and some other friends and family members as well. Once you collect enough goods to crest the twenty pound mark, it sells for $.89 lb.

The experience of going into the place is worth it even if you do not buy anything. Just to see the piles of items in row upon row of rolling tables with raised sides that give the place its name. It is funny to watch as the employees take away a row of tables and people start lining up in anticipation of the "new" row being brought in. Once the final table in the row is put in place, the frenzy begins. People throwing things out of their way and digging through the endless piles of "unwanted" goods. It is amazing to watch. The more seasoned professionals wear latex gloves (we've done that a few times, but opt now for a good washing of hands before we leave).

The kids get the brands that seem important to them right now, we get to pay cents on the dollar, and occasionally we strike a gold mine of stuff from someones closet. This last trip yielded some very nice outdoorsy clothing; REI, Columbia Sportswear and Land's End to name a few. I even found a pair of ridiculously expensive jeans, Reo Starr's that sell for >$175, and I will throw them on craigslist for $20 and recoup a few bucks.

Thrift can be fun, and the bins is the place to maximize your return.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Green America: Stand Up to Big Plastic

One of my pet peeves is the plastic bag. I find them everywhere, even in my home. I occasionally forget my shopping bags on a trip to the store, or run short of what is necessary to transport my groceries home. In those cases, I usually opt for the paper bag, but I have been known to grab some plastic bags, so I admit that I am part of the problem. I do reuse them often for lunch bags, litter bags and even as little can liners. The problem is, even in most cases where we reuse them, they still end up in the trash. I know there are a lot of crafty solutions including irons and sewing, but that is not something that has trickled into our household.


We have a ton of the canvas and reusable bags from a variety of sources and have picked up quite a few of the reusable produce bags. My wife has one of the ChicoBags clipped to her purse at all times so she rarely ends up with any of the plastic bags from stores. The ChicoBag is awesome it's about the size of an apricot when folded/compressed, but is a full sized shopping bag when opened. I love the thing.


ChicoBag is being sued.

ChicoBag is being sued for claiming their product is superior to disposable plastic bags. The claim is ChicoBag "deceptively communicates that ChicoBag's products are superior to plastic bags, such as those sold by Hilex, with regard to environmental impact." Oregon is apparently in agreement with ChicoBag, as they are considering a statewide ban of, what many of us that have been to the middle-east call, the national bird of Kuwait.

Check the article:

Green America: Stand Up to Big Plastic

Friday, May 6, 2011

Life getting in the way of living

I have seen a trend of life preventing me from getting anything done.

I am trying to sell my van to clear out the driveway, but I cannot find time to put in the new brake pads which would facilitate quicker sale. I even have a barter lined up with a very interested party, but school eats up most of my day...... followed by kids appointments or extracurricular activities..... that precede dinner preparation..... then homework if there isn't anything needing done around the house that carries higher priority.

I am fully aware of the irony inherent in the fact that doing things is preventing me from doing things.

The irony is painful at times.

I know it boils down to priorities, but I wish I had more time to make things, even taking things apart (read: breaking) has taken a seat on the sideline while I try to eek out every minute in the day to take care of necessities. I have this hour between classes to squeeze homework in, and here I am blogging about not having time. I have no homework due until Tuesday (today is Friday and my homework is mostly done) so this hour is basically fruitless other than this post.

I slept very little last night, so exhaustion is playing a part in the tone of this post, but the message is the same.

I know I am not alone........................... everyone could use an extra hour in their day.

Next time I get a spare hour I am going to do the brakes in the van, wish me luck.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I need to remember to post more often

I thought that Fall quarter was a busy one.........................

I don't really have anything interesting going on to write about. Too much homework, and family responsibilities.


Soon I will be done with school and can concentrate on working and playing (making and breaking stuff!!!!!!!!!)