Monday, October 22, 2007

My first post

Well, I finally jumped in. Or rather, dipped my toes in. I am IN THE BLOGOSPHERE!!! Wow that sounds as stupid when I read it as when I hear it or say it.

It is official though, I am here, and with me I bring my wife and three girls to share with you our life in the city. Well, sort of cityliving, we live in a city without highrises or heavy traffic. It makes it easier for us to have a small farm on a city lot, not having a busy city to live in. My family has been working towards a level of self sustainability (just recently heard it called "permaculture") that seems like it would be difficult in a city lot. I/we will be posting about our discoveries in sustainability, and our ideas about politics (great, another blow-hard), easy living, frugality and whatever the topic of the day is in our house.

Thanks for visiting.