Monday, May 31, 2010

#12 Reduce your energy and water bill

I know that everyone in the world is changing their bulbs to CFLs, but many stop there. It saves energy when you install a CFL where an incandescent bulb was. But if you leave that light on all the time, the difference is too small.

When you leave a room, turn off the light. Open your drapes and curtains, let in the natural light.

Wash your clothes in cold, bleach with Hydrogen Peroxide. Hang a clothes line and air dry your clothes. I know that winter negates the possibility of hang drying your clothes for most, but the difference it makes when you can, can be great.

I take short showers, and one of my girls will turn off the water while she is lathering and scrubbing, but the shower is the place we can all make a difference with our water consumption. For the most part we don't turn on the hose in our back yard, with the exception of watering the bunnies. We water the garden with water from the rain barrels out back. We have four, but only three are set up with spigots. This still gets us enough water for about two weeks of watering our small garden. In the NW this is usually good enough to get us through to the next rain, but not always.

When we leave for a camping trip or an overnight with family, we unplug everything that is not vital to the survival of our house. This is where power strips come in handy, I also press the test button on my GFCI plugs in the kitchen (this turns off all the outlets in the kitchen).

There are many ways to reduce your energy consumption, these are a few of the ways we do it, I hope to learn more.

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