Monday, May 24, 2010

#3 Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk sounds like a trip to Costco.

I do not mean that kind of bulk. I mean buy 50# bags of flour and 25# bags of rolled oats at the co-op or other local source. I use enough to justify buying bulk because I cook every morning and every night. For some this might not sound feasible, but I assure you it makes a huge difference. Buying flour this way reduces the price of a loaf of bread from ~$1.40 (buying small bags of bread flour - 5# for ~$3) to ~$.60 (50# bag for $16). If that is too large a bag for your consumption, try splitting it with a like minded household. Rice and dry beans are equally cheap in comparison when purchased in bulk.

My breakfast of oatmeal and smoothies gets pretty expensive though, at $3.00, but that is for five people.

It takes a while to make these changes part of your routine, but once it is part of your life, you will never go back.

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