Monday, May 24, 2010

#4 Use your pantry

This is one that is tied directly to buying bulk, but is SO much more.

I spend a couple minutes a week looking through the store fliers and coupon fliers to see what is offered. By buying in bulk and stocking up when there is a really good deal, I reduce my aggregate cost. I like to stock up on dry pasta or canned goods when they are cheap (I know this is obvious to some).

I know a very intelligent mother of two (RN, capable of decent conversation), that recently spent $200+ on a weeks groceries for the family. Admittedly, she may not be taking advantage of any of the other steps (buying pre-packaged convenience, or single serving stuff), but she still could have saved an additional ~$30 by using coupons. I find Albertson's and Safeway have really good deals once in a while.

When buying non-bulk items like breakfast cereal, crackers, and such wait for coupon/sales that drop the price by 20% or better, then buy twice as much or more, These items store well, and will hold you over until the next sale/coupon. I went to Albertson's once and picked up 16 boxes of cereal (we have since reduced our cereal consumption, but eat it for snacks still) and received coupons for six free gallons of milk for a total price of ~$14. I didn't need to store the milk, it was coupons for future redemption. These kinds of deals happen all the time, use this to your advantage and fill your pantry.

Almost every house has a pantry. If you do not, consider utilizing cupboard space or building some shelves in a closet or garage. The savings are worth it.

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