Monday, May 24, 2010

#5 Learn to can

This is one that has taken us a while to learn (still learning).

My parents never taught me to do this, my wife at least had an introduction when she was younger.

"We eat what we can. What we can't, we can."

We take advantage of the fruit seasons and make jam and preserves. This usually gets us through the year until the next season, as well as providing us with gifts for the giving season. This year will be the first year we will attempt to can out of our garden. The reason we haven't to date is we haven't had an over-abundant crop yet. This year is looking good for that though, wish us luck.

There is a wealth of information on canning online, and I suggest you find a source that works for you if you are not already used to doing it. This is where I have found most of the help I have used. I have used the "Utah Canning Guide" quite a bit:

a pdf guide
a link source

are both good sources.

I find garage sales are a great source for jars, as well as the local Goodwill. I also re-use as many jars as I can from my pantry, but check to see if a commercial lid (kerr or ball) fits, as some lids don't seal well when you re-use them (a pressure cooker alleviates the problem, but we all don't have access to this valuable resource).

Have fun canning!!! Strawberry/rhubarb jam is freaking fantastic. I'll edit later with the recipe once I find it.

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