Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#7 Compost

I said this was a list of simple things, I didn't say easy. But this one is easy.

You can start with just composting your fruit and veggie scraps. As you feel more comfortable, start adding all the bio-degradable waste products you generate. We have gotten to the point where we compost almost everything that is not plastic or metal (with some exceptions of course). We still recycle cardboard and some paper products, but we re-use or compost newspaper (it is a great weed barrier for planting). Paper towels, and the paper napkins go in the compost as well (we have tried on numerous occasions to switch to cloth napkins, but it is a transition that hasn't been able to get a foothold in our lives, yet). We have the smallest garbage can available through our local service. It is about 10gal or so. We occasionally fill it up over the top, but rarely.

We use the compost in the back yard garden and in our fruit island out front. We take some of our food scraps to the chickens and bunnies (yet another instalment), in return we get nutrient rich poop, which also goes in the gardens.

We just take the scraps as we prep our veggies for dinner and throw them in a bucket under the sink. The bucket gets emptied daily, sometimes twice. The scraps go into one of two rings in the back corner of the yard. Every couple months the dirt gets pulled from the second one and put in a pile next to it. The contents from the first ring get dumped in the second, and the cycle continues. the rings get turned every other week or so (just mix them in on themselves). The worms love this stuff!!!

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Tomorrow we get into the meat of things............. sorry for the pun (you'll get it tomorrow)

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