Thursday, May 27, 2010

#8 raise your own food

Backyard chickens are fun. They eat food scraps, give us fertilizer, and leave us eggs every day.

They are fun to watch too. Some of the funniest things I've seen in my back yard have been perpetrated by these birds.

We also raise rabbits for food and pelts.

This one is a little more difficult for most people to do. Mostly because they are cute. But we draw a line for the most part. The adult breeding stock get names, but the young do not (this doesn't stop the kids from naming them though). It is not an easy task to kill them, but once you have done it a couple times it gets easier. The slaughtering is much easier though. We have rabbit soup or stew once every one to two months. There is a plethora of information online about raising rabbits for food.

I know I keep listing things to do without giving too much information on each step, but this series was meant to be a list of things to reduce your waste and consumption, as well as become frugal and more self sustaining. It is more of a guide. Pick and choose the steps that you feel comfortable with, these are all things we have done/are doing, you certainly do not have to do all these things to make an impact. I am not by any means an expert on this subject, but I do have real world experience in every step on this list.

I will be doing another step every day for the next two to three weeks, so stay tuned (if there is anyone out there).

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