Thursday, May 27, 2010

Slug hunting in the garden at night.

So I went out to close the chickens up in the coop two nights ago and glanced around with the flashlight. In the feed trough we have for the chickens were about fifteen slugs. They were all over the thing!! Big ones, little ones, tons were on the ground all around the food too!!!

I grabbed some gloves and a little bucket and went hunting with my wife. We must have pulled 60-100 slugs out of the yard/garden that night.

We went out again last night and pulled at least 30 more out of the yard.

I know it is cruel and a little against my credo of tossing as little as possible in the garbage, but I salted them and threw them in the garbage, I don't even want to throw dead slugs in my compost for fear of slug zombies. Last thing I need is an army of the un-dead leaving slime trails around my garden as they hungrily search for cauliflower (kinda looks like brains?).

Maybe now we can get some spinach to get past the sprout stage. We have lettuce only due to the scale in which we planted.

I have heard you can just go out and cut them in half, leaving their corpses as deterrents to future slugs, but then we risk the whole zombie thing.

Anyone know another way to deal with them that doesn't involve salting the earth or leaving chemical pellets all around my garden?

Until we find another solution, I will be the "Night Hunter".

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