Thursday, June 3, 2010

#14 Learn to sew

We have taught ourselves to sew.

We already knew a little, but we have gotten a lot better. I have made reusable shopping bags, pajamas for the girls, and some cycling caps. I even made a purse for my wife out of an old pair pants and a belt for the strap. It is fun. I also repair clothes instead of tossing them. This is a chance for creativity too.

It is not cheaper to make your own clothes if you are buying fabric from the fabric store. I guess it can be if you get clever with sale and coupon savings. I like to get fabric from garage sales and the Goodwill. I got three yards of some killer fabric from the Goodwill, utilising their half off tag sale, for $1.65 including tax. I am going to be making a hoodie sweatshirt with a long back for cycling, I'll post when I'm done with that.

Since we don't do "Christmas", because we are not Christian and we are trying to shed the Consumer lifestyle, we do a Winter Solstice gift exchange instead. All the gifts we give are home-made. Sewing comes in handy this time of year.

Now all we need to learn is successful tanning of hides to add rabbit fur lined hats to the gift list this year.

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