Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The story of the welder: or, more background

I used to work at a local A/V retailer/installer. I built home theaters. There is hardly a more wasteful enterprise than the home theater. It takes up an entire room, costs a lot of money, and provides little more than bragging rights (I know it provides entertainment, but its sole purpose is for show).

I digress.

While working at said retailer, it came to be that many customers would be upgrading their system and would get rid of old equipment. This is how it came to be that I had a "BOSE Lifestyle whatever" speaker system in my garage. With some clever pictures and craigslist skill, I turned that pile of crap speakers (this is opinion) into a brand new welder.

A BRAND NEW welder.

The manager of a local welding shop had received a welder on return (un-opened Millermatic140 mig welder), bought it at a great discount to himself, threw in a hood/mask with auto-darkening glass, wire, and a ton of extra supplies. In return for his generosity, I gave him a wonderful set ;) of expensive speakers.


"The cynic knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing" Oscar Wilde

I would argue today, that most consumers are cynics.

I know the price of the things we traded. We came out straight across, give or take a hundred bucks.

Mine was free, value.
His was probably cheap, value.

I knew/know little about welding, but wanted to have this as an option in my tools (the one thing that every home should have is good tools). Now I can, if I choose, weld metal together. What I have been doing is not good welding in the sense it is ugly. But I have managed to get the two pieces to bond with good penetration (meaning it will hold). I am taking a welding class this summer at the college. Hopefully this will help with quality of my welds.

That is the story of the welder.

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