Monday, August 30, 2010

Replacing water pump and timing belt on 2000 A6 2.7l, DIY auto repair

So, Audi's are a pain in the ass to work on.

Just to get that out of the way. But on the bright side I have a more intimate relationship with my car, and a higher tolerance for how far I can take her apart now.

Because I have not shed my need for a vehicle, I had to fix her overheating problem. So to the internet I went and found myriad sires for Audi repair, few of which related to my particular issue. There was one though. And did very well describing the dis-assembly for my water-pump replacement.

Because I am willing to do the work myself I saved over $600. YAY DIY!!!

For those wanting more information on how to replace the water pump, thermostat, and timing belt in a 2000 Audi A6 2.7l:

instructions after the break

It's been too long since I posted

Sorry, I've found my days and weeks full of too many things. We've had two camping trips consisting of 5-7 days each (stories to follow, eventually) and a bunch of working on my car and finishing my welding class. If anyone still comes by to check, this apology is for you.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Do you ever get tired? Not for any particular reason, just tired. I have been fighting this tired thing for weeks. I haven't ridden my bike or gone for a run, or even a hike for 4 weeks. The chicken and egg, I don't know which is causing which.

Just needed to write it out.