Friday, May 28, 2010

I like this:

Once again the youtube link-o-sphere has lead me to another nugget of wonder:

The Story of Stuff

Particularly this part:


I know many will try to debunk the facts stated in this video (some are misinformation others are opinion mixed with misinformation), but let us not be swayed from the message,


We do not need to have the newest, fanciest, shiniest stuff. I admit I am a geek, but a frugal geek. I am not an early-adopter for a lot of reasons, money the least of which.

I like stuff. I covet stuff. I have stuff. I rarely need stuff.

I want an electric car. I want more time in my life. I want people to realise that buying stuff does not placate the depression that is a product of the subconscious programming of the media.

Cut up your credit cards, buy used, buy local if you have to buy. Learn to make stuff yourself. Secede from the cash economy.

The revolution will not be televised. But the programming that stops the revolution surely is.

I am going to go read about the references made in this video, I want to learn something today.

#9 Don't buy bottled water or soda

I was just going to write an entry on not drinking bottled water, but realized it can make a huge difference in your consumption/waste, so I added it to the "list". I carry a re-usable water bottle, it is easy to do.

We have a filter for those in the house that prefer it,but I just take mine straight from the tap (the filter sits in the fridge and gets too cold for my liking).

There are numerous reasons to not buy bottled water. Perhaps rather than try to list them all myself, I can let someone else do it:

The Story of Bottled Water

We don't buy soda very often in our household, mostly because it is loaded with high-fructose corn syrup, but also because it is just all around crap. I do drink a soda once in a while, but I usually regret it, much like when I give in and get McDonald's food.

If I want something sweet, I'll make a cup of coffee with raw sugar added or have a glass of juice.