Friday, June 4, 2010

DIY Bike work stand

Well I have had this thing for about 8 months and figure it's about time I wrote about it.

1ea 1" pipe 36" long
1ea 1" pipe 6" nipple
1ea 1" floor flange
1ea 1" 90deg elbow
1ea 1" to 2" threaded adaptor
1ea PVC tee, threaded in tap side
1pr hinges
1ea hasp

Pretty straight forward build, as seen in the pictures.

I got the idea from a combination of posts on bikehacks

link to post

I love that site and make a visit there part of my day, nearly every day.

It is raining here today, and my wife is recovering from a party we went to last night, so I am going out to the garage to do some bike maintenance. Hopefully I'll be inspired to make something new while I'm out there. I need a new bike hack/geek out project.