Monday, June 7, 2010

Potato silo update #2

Apparently potatoes and tomatoes like each other.

We planted tomatoes in the top of the potato silos and voila, happiness abound.

You will notice in the second picture the rhubarb that is ginormous. Some of the leaves are over 2.5 feet across.

-- Sent from my palm pixi aboard my spaceship

Bike Trailer

I just went to google and searched "homemade bike trailer" to see what was out there for comparable trailers. I am looking to make another trailer to tow a canoe/kayak. To my delight my trailer was the second one in the list. Well sort of, a write-up by Matt over at bikehacks was the second link in the search results on google. I am still quite impressed, I never thought that would be a result.

Sorry, I was just a little excited and wanted to share.

edit: of course now it isn't anymore, damn!

Custom Domainage

I just changed to a custom domain as visible in the address bar.

Unfortunately, due to a coding fail, none of my comments made the transition. I have read the help files and this is a known issue without a real fix. It says I will get my comments back after 24 hours, but it has been since Friday. So for those that have made comments, I promise I didn't delete you. I appreciate your comments and do not get very many, so they are even more precious.

I hope to hear from you all again, and welcome new comments as well.