Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fly relief

With the onset of sunnier weather and less of the natural wash-away that rain brings, we have seen an upshift in the amount of flies in our backyard. They are not obscenely bad, just to the point of annoying. Because we have chickens and a compost bin in the backyard this is amplified more than the average household I'm sure.

If you find yourself in the same situation, or annoyed by the fruit-flies that seem to come from nowhere as soon as you pile the fruit up on the counter, then I have the solution for you.

I can't take credit for too much here, but when I went looking for natural fly deterrent I found a solution at lifehacker.


Following the link there I arrived at another site that seems to be a treasure trove of fun projects.

sample via lifehacker:

"Apartment Therapy writer Leah Moss was on vacation in Ecuador when she came across the Terminator of fly traps. She writes:

'I came across this contraption at a horse farm in Ecuador where the flies are nearly as abundant as the wild flowers. That mountain at the bottom of the cage is the fly accumulation in one week! Thankfully, our own fly problem is not quite so pronounced in DC, but the pesky little things have still been known to ruin many a good outdoor meal, making this simple trap all the more attractive.

The bait (in this case, "dog manure", but you could use something less offensive like composting scraps) in the trap attracts flies in through the bottom, leading them up through the screen cone and into the cage. Since flies only fly up, they don't know how to escape through the cone-shaped screen through which they entered. And voila!' "

I will be making one of these for the back yard for sure. I'll post with finished pics when the project is done.

Dig the wheels

From the sidelines of the Fremont festival. I still need to upload all the pictures from the parade.

I thought I'd be writing more with school out, but I actually have been working and helping friends with projects. Funny how that works.

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