Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lexical density

English101 may be the most interesting class I've ever been in.

I have learned more in this one quarter, from one teacher, than I have in any other english class. Ever.

Thank you Nick Halsey.

In pursuit of knowledge

In pursuit of knowledge, I have seemingly set aside my better judgement and stress-coping skills.

I laid a course for 18 credits this quarter, which is a hefty endeavor, but not impossible or even unmanageable. At least under normal circumstances. However this quarter has riddled me with trial after trial, and for some reason, everything that can break and cost money has done just that.

I have spent hours repairing my car, hours fixing my furnace, and just got done replacing a part in my oven. The car still has problems (unrelated to the last ones), it was the second time I have had to fix the furnace (unrelated problems), and now my van has an oil leak that seems comically bad. I am embarassed by how much oil is leaving my engine to pollute the environment.

I would drive less this quarter, but my ridiculous schedule has me running all over the place for too many reasons to list. Sadly, I think it is a relatively simple fix, but I have so little time available to do anything about it that I am forced to just slide all around town on my little oil-slick.

Good news is on the horizon though, I will soon be done with this quarter, and will have plenty of time to get under there and fix the leak.

All for the sake of a little knowledge.