Thursday, January 13, 2011

The elixer of life............

I am not sure the current state of affairs over at the FDA, and with their recommended daily allowances of fruits and veggies, but I can tell you that the risks of "not enough" far outweigh the risks of "too much".

I received a "Champion" juicer this holiday gift-giving season. I was not sure where to put it in the kitchen, and was worried that it would go the route of unused pantry-fodder.

Well, to my mother's credit (she was the gifter), we have been getting a LOT of fresh fruit and vegetable juice in our daily diet. I have been making juice 2-4 times a week and use it in our (almost) daily smoothie. Whatever doesn't make it into the smoothie gets consumed as just-juice.

I am waiting to see how this affects our grocery bill, but that may be a difficult distinction as grocery costs are on the rise as a whole here anyway. I saw a sharp jump in our grocery bill from ~$90 wk to ~$110 in October with no decline since then, and there is a definite lack of manufacturer coupons. My last trip had ~$20 in produce that was specifically destined for the juicer, but I bought a little less for the eating with the presumption the juice would fill the bill for requirements and desires of the family.

Today it is:
2 oranges
1 apple
1 pear
2 carrots
2 stalks of celery

I recommend fresh juice to everyone. I know it seems obvious, but many of the best things in life (especially the ones we seem to miss out on the most) are right in our faces.

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