Monday, January 3, 2011

New year, new classes, new apathy

This quarter puts me close to graduating, with only one class (5 credits) needed next quarter to graduate. I have been working towards this end for the purpose of running my current business in low-voltage electrical work. I know the work and know the customer service, but had now idea how to do the rest of managing a small business. As I get closer to the culmination of this stint in school I find myself loaded with the tools to, but still ill-prepared to run this business. I don't want to do the accounting. I hate inventories.

This quarter is "Starting and running a small business", "Business law 2", and "Marketing". Fifteen credits of classes I no longer want to take (except the first one). I love learning, but am having trouble getting motivated.

If anyone is paying attention and has some trick to stay motivated, please let me know. I'd rather be making stuff, or making stuff better.