Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Green America: Stand Up to Big Plastic

One of my pet peeves is the plastic bag. I find them everywhere, even in my home. I occasionally forget my shopping bags on a trip to the store, or run short of what is necessary to transport my groceries home. In those cases, I usually opt for the paper bag, but I have been known to grab some plastic bags, so I admit that I am part of the problem. I do reuse them often for lunch bags, litter bags and even as little can liners. The problem is, even in most cases where we reuse them, they still end up in the trash. I know there are a lot of crafty solutions including irons and sewing, but that is not something that has trickled into our household.


We have a ton of the canvas and reusable bags from a variety of sources and have picked up quite a few of the reusable produce bags. My wife has one of the ChicoBags clipped to her purse at all times so she rarely ends up with any of the plastic bags from stores. The ChicoBag is awesome it's about the size of an apricot when folded/compressed, but is a full sized shopping bag when opened. I love the thing.


ChicoBag is being sued.

ChicoBag is being sued for claiming their product is superior to disposable plastic bags. The claim is ChicoBag "deceptively communicates that ChicoBag's products are superior to plastic bags, such as those sold by Hilex, with regard to environmental impact." Oregon is apparently in agreement with ChicoBag, as they are considering a statewide ban of, what many of us that have been to the middle-east call, the national bird of Kuwait.

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Green America: Stand Up to Big Plastic