Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's been a while...................

It's amazing how quickly life can become busy. Too busy to post, too busy to read and too crazy to do much else.

Where to start?

After graduating from my business classes, I ended up going straight to work, in the field I was already licensed in and familiar with, while I tried to find my way to, well, somewhere.

I'm not sure whether I am there, that somewhere, but I am further down the path to somewhere.

I started a business about a year ago.....Evolution Ink Tattoo.

I just started a new job, on top of that daunting workload, with a systems integrator in Seattle and that is taking up time as well.

Family. I guess it always comes back to this.

Now that I get paid to sit at a desk for a portion of my week, I will (try to) make my breaks work for my cataloging and reblogging.

Now, to relearn all the things I've forgotten in the last two years.