Thursday, September 20, 2018

5 years.......really? I'm terrible at this.

Has it really been almost five years?

So much has changed.

My life is completely different now. And it is so much so that I will have to change the description of this site to remove half the stuff I used to talk about.

I'm no longer married. I no longer live in a little house with a little garden. My kids are all off to become their own little adults. I have a tiny apartment in downtown, that I don't even live in right now. I should start there......

I live in Rwanda. Yeah, that one. In east Africa. The one that had that thing a while back. They've grown. It is a wonderful country, safe, clean. It is actually safer in Kigali (the capital) than in Seattle. I landed a contract to be a technician here. A job that quickly morphed into project manager, then program manager, and then back to project manager, now technology manager and general problem solver.... I am MUCH more comfortable where I ended up toward the end of that list. I just don't have the right kind of mindset nor skills to be a Program Manager. I'm a 44yo kid with mild A.D.D.... I bought a Westfalia. Shit, see? I'm losing focus.

Divorce. Rwanda. Apartment. VW van......there's a lot of change in there.

I hope maybe this time.....maybe I will stick to coming back here to post. I think the next post will be to introduce the new description, and share a story or two from the last five years. We gotta get caught up.

Pizza is here (well, the best representation of what most of us would call pizza, anyway).

until next time....(less than 5 years)